Meet Max, My First Employee! Setting Up The LegitStreetQuarters Office Merch/Website Sneak Peek! (2024)

Hey start early first day: oh yeah, there you are sir, your own legit streetcar shirt, the last one in the old batch. I got myself a mug, that's unbelievable! It's official! Let's do this all right, everybody! This is max my first full-time employee, and you guys don't know this, but you already kind of know max because he's been editing my videos for how many months has it been now. I think it's been six six to eight months, something like that so max, and i met on the winter rally in the upper peninsula in michigan uh with the off-road ml, which is kind of been sitting out there ever since that rally almost yeah. It's been a while um, so anyway, he does a lot of videography work and stuff like that and uh we chatted, he started editing my videos and the rest is kind of history.

I never thought i'd be quitting my job and hiring a full-time employee. In a matter of six months um, but here we are so max's title is video production, assistant, merchandise, manager. That's right, that's right! We got it, we got it. So we are very happy and by we i mean i am very happy to have max, join the legit streetcars team and uh yeah.

This is our first day together we're setting up the whole office. It's a total disaster. In there we have a white board. We need to hang out yeah we've been talking about a white board for many months now, so you know outside of the sophisticated editing computer that i bought and all the expensive stuff.

The whiteboard is the most important thing you need to run a business and and what else model cars model cars model cars so max has brought a few model cars for us to add, because we need to decorate this needs to be a cool workplace environment with Cool decorations, so then, how are you gon na have? How are you gon na, have a car shop with no car decoration right, and this is why i hired him. This is it you know, that's that's what he brought to the table during the interview he's like. I will bring diecast car models from the 80s and 90s you're hired and i'm like that's it. I don't even need to know anything else.

What do we got? What do we got so first one. Is this crazy, looking rat rod or road rat? Oh suburban nice yeah, so i don't know i just really like that. So i figured i'd just put that on my desk. I, like it one of our first family cars, was a 90s suburban.

So now the rest of these are for you in the shop and you put them wherever you want to i mean i'm not saying you have to buy shelves to hang them in our little man cave area, but it would be cool, it would be cool. We got a tesla got the tesla excellent. That is definitely not a factory spoiler wheels yeah. This is pre-autopilot too max.

Come on man, i'm sorry, that's so old whoa. So you have like what 30 boxes of these or something in your basem*nt right, um yeah. I had probably 30 or 32 boxes of these storage bins full of these cars. In my basem*nt, my uncle passed away last year and i was the only car guy in the family, so i inherited everything.

So these are old right. These are old. This one is from 1993. nice, so that's going on 30 years old, almost wow ss 396 camaro excellent.

A lot of i know you got a lot of european stuff. You got a couple of muscle cars. Eighty percent of this is camaros. I apologize that's! Okay! That's okay because i actually do own a camaro.

Do you? I do it's not here yet, though it's going to be our next or first trip, spoiler alert, spoiler, alert, z28, very rare, first generation camaro, and then this one, i think, is going to be your favorite and it's from drum roll 1995 as well. Ooh trans am oh white tree exam. Excellent. Look at that! I'm a big fan the uh this one from 93, another camaro excellent z28.

I bet you're not gon na guess what this one is well, it looks like a camaro 2001 and then we got a gto from 97. awesome, first muscle car. This is my favorite car growing up as a kid. I've never owned one, and now we got these two are kind of oddballs which i'd never seen these before and i don't know they're just weird: they only made them for like two or three years called muscle machines and they're, like cartoon versions of model cars, no Way, and that has a real uh braided, no way real steel braided fuel line.

Are you kidding me? They got that specific. Look at that they did this one. Some people don't even put real steel braided fuel lines on their own actual cars. This one has it too, it's kind of harder to see it it's tucked in the back there, but that is so cool.

That's that's too cool. I don't know if they even really make many euro versions of car diecast cars, but no, i don't know yeah whatever. I, like i mean i like american stuff too, so we're good all right, so you guys have seen the office before but uh. It is quite the disaster right now.

I'm not gon na lie. I spend most of my time working in the shop and i never really get to this, but during black friday i bought, i think, everything we need for this office. So we have a brand new 55-inch samsung, smart tv uh. This is just the security tv right here, um and then i have another desk, so we're gon na put a desk on this wall that, i think will be for me.

I think max will get the desk. That has the window because he's going to be working at a desk a lot more than i am um, and then we have a crazy super computer that has coolant and fans running through it. I know nothing about computers, but max does so we picked this out together, amsoil shipment stuff came in, we got the whiteboard most important part um, and then we have a coffee table and a desk one of these two, a new couch which turns into a bed Actually, because sometimes i'm here late and if it's snowing, i might need to sleep over so today is a big setup day. So we're going to be setting all of this stuff up, i'm hoping the office will completely transform in just a few hours max i'm hoping the same thing right.

I think i think we'll get somewhere today and we've been looking forward to this day for months. This has been in the works now for like two months so anyway, today's the day, let's get this office all done and uh and turn this into a legitimate, legit, streetcars business i mean honestly, you have the whiteboard already so yeah i mean it's just going to Make everything go so much smoother exactly? Can we just do this first? Let's just do that. Let's just do this! First, all right here we go whiteboard time got a knife yeah. I couldn't find my little box cutter thingy, but this this works.

It's like a multi-tool. So, okay do not open with a blade all right. It's really starting off. Uh like i planned all right, i don't care, i'm opening this with a blade.

I don't really see how else we're gon na open it. So it's gon na be gentle. I get what they're saying, though we don't wan na stab the whiteboard seen it here. First guys this is officially now a diy video.

This is how you open a whiteboard box with a blade there. We go, don't cover the blade. I thought i thought it was a whiteboard. It looks like a chromebook chromeboard.

Oh look it's like kind of bent. Oh, it is no way. No, it's dented too, and it's cracked. Ah, are you kidding me? This thing is damaged right out of the box.

All over the place - and it's not for me, cutting it open with a blade dude. You know how long i've had this white board waiting for this moment like six to eight weeks, amazon, special right here, dude, i think we're going to use this thing. Man, do you think so, i'm not returning this. They give you markers.

Let's see if it writes okay dude, they don't give you markers like that. They better give you mark. That would be kind of that's a huge dad. It's really nice, like.

I think this thing was kind of expensive, i'm gon na i'm gon na return. It i'm gon na return. It you ever been just so excited to do something, and then you know your whiteboard's broken like. I can't do this.

I don't want to live with this broken white board for the rest of my life yeah. So i'm going to package it up we're getting a whiteboard today, i'm going to run to an office depot or something like that and buy one. So goodbye amazon whiteboard, don't open it with a knife, don't open it with a knife just kidding that did nothing literally did nothing, there's a blade all day. All right fingers crossed instructions, just fixing the inline specs on the rotary burger.

Oh all, right cool sounds good. How are those instructions working out for you uh yeah? Oh this is backwards. All right, so max has got the desk. I have the coffee table and i was about to grab this piece here and i realized that we have a praying mantis praying for us right now in the shop.

I'm not really sure. If this guy's alive or not, it probably is, and i might get attacked, but anyway, here's our legit mantis, all right guys. We're making big moves over here max and i are interior decorators now so we put the couch over there we're gon na do the tv over there and we're gon na go, buy a table to put under here for the microwave, a coffee maker, the fridge, i Think this will be uh kind of the little lunch break area, especially with the tv we can hang out in this room max finished up the desk, so we put it in front of the window and uh. What do you got going on next? Oh, the chair.

Yeah, no, that's! That's not gon na work. Dude! That's not gon na work. Don't worry! We have that knife that we can't figure out how to put back in butter yeah. So i put my desk over there and yeah so far.

This is what we have not sure if it's gon na stay like this forever, but i think it's looking pretty good. Well, my dream of having a white board up today has just died completely at office depot 24 by 36 inches for like 60 70 dollars, because it's magnetic the one i have is 36 by 48. I can't downsize. I've already lived that massive whiteboard life and uh.

Just i just can't do it so we're gon na order that back up all right guys. This is how far we've gotten today. So this was a customer waiting room and now it's just kind of a hangout place. So we have the pull out sleeper couch and then we have this guy here.

That opens up like that. So i can have some lunch sitting here watching my own videos on the 55-inch screen tv that we just set up. We're gon na have a table over here, so the microwave will have somewhere to go with a shelf. Underneath a garbage can fridge, just bought a coffee maker, and then we rearranged this office a little bit.

So i moved my desk over here. I have the file cabinet, the gladiator cabinet as well. I just have some merch stuff that i'll show you guys here in a minute. We have the security camera tv right there and then we have this max.

I don't even know what what max picked out the computer? What? What is this thing for the computer nerds out there uh it's a big fancy. Computer that'll do a lot of things very quickly. Okay and it's got. What is that thing that you found in there? That's grix card, so yeah the graphics card they messed up at the store.

This was supposed to have an rtx 3070 and it has an rtx 3070 ti. There you go. I got the ti, it's a very fast awesome computer and it's got cool colors going on and this is liquid cooled. So you can see the braided lines right there.

You can see the little radiator fans moving right there and it changes colors and looks awesome and i don't really know much about computers, but this was uh kind of expensive and it's supposed to be our little super computer. So we cannot only edit videos for youtube. Facebook, which is going to be part of max a deal, is facebook we're going to do some tic tacs, even though i don't really like tic tocs, but we're going to try and funnel you know: tick tock to facebook to youtube, so we'll expand uh, and then We are working on legit at the moment uh. So this is just the little home screen that tells you a little bit about legit street cars and then we have the lsc video blog.

So, every once in a while, i'm going to write a short article on the video, and this is going to go a little bit more in depth if i've forgotten anything clarification after the video comes out on anything, you guys have questions about so there'll be a Lot more content on the legit website and they'll also be all the coupon codes linked in one spot. You guys are always asking me: what's the code for this: what's the code for that it'll all be right here and then, of course, this tab right here. Merch, that is the main reason for the website. I'm gon na start to sell some merchandise and if you guys were around a long time ago, three years ago, you know that i already started doing this.

I have like 50 million of these w211 key tags left. I just kind of shut this whole operation down because i was bagging them up at like one two o'clock in the morning in my living room with my wife, and it was just too much work, it wasn't really worth it. So we were shipping doing the whole fulfillment thing, taking orders taking payments to via paypal, and i just i couldn't do it anymore. So i just kind of shut that whole system down, but i have so many good merch ideas.

So, of course, we'll have legit streetcar specific swag with the logo, but i want to get into merch that is specific to the vehicles that i work on on the channel. So when i come out with a new car, you guys know there might be a merch lineup to follow so key tags. Stickers, hats, t-shirts for that specific car. We might be doing some artwork where we'll have a picture of the car's engine or an outline of that model.

On the back of the t-shirt, i have a lot of ideas. I'm working with a company already to make all of this happen, so we're going to have a big merch reveal one day soon, but i've wanted to do this for a couple of years now and i just never had the time, and that is going to be One of max's main functions here is the whole merchandise operation and max already made a coupon code for himself new guy 20.. So i guess i'm giving everybody 20 off your entire, your entire order max. What are you doing? We're not working on that that large of a margin here, you know how that got in there all right, guys so kind of a random video.

I have basically taken this entire week off to spend some time with some family who came in from italy and to set up the shop with max and max is kind of tall. So i might cut him off in a lot of these videos he's like eight foot, nine and i'm not that short. Okay he's just super super tall, but i think i think we're we're both in right now but uh anyway uh. This is a dream.

Come true to have max here at the shop we've known each other now for about a year. We've been talking about this for months, and i just you know it's just surreal to me that i'm doing this full-time and i have max here 40 hours a week and i think we're going to be able to really pump out some good quality content. Having someone just to brainstorm with and he's got a lot of good ideas, uh is just super important, so we're gon na be a team. He's my right hand, man, i'm, really excited about it max.

I know this is something you've wanted to do for a while as well long time. Yeah he's uh he's always been into kind of the youtube scene in general and he does have a channel and you guys are gon na see some of his more cinematic uh videography on my channel as well. Uh full throttle nonsense, i'll link it down below but uh. He does some really cool cinematic car stuff.

So we're gon na incorporate some of that into my videos and i'm really just excited to have you know a different flavor on the channel as well. So lots of awesome content coming to legit street cars in 2022, so many ideas they're all going to be written on that whiteboard. That took like four stores to go find and it's smaller than the original one that was damaged from amazon. But it's there and one day if we ever upgrade the size of the whiteboard it'll just be, you know more reason to celebrate so anyway, i'm getting back to normal content.

Next week we have e39 content rolls-royce content. A new car is coming. I got ta finish. The subaru and get it out of my shop uh a lot of good stuff.

The trans am just yeah, we're gon na be doing some custom work on something that i've been thinking about for years and now i finally have the space to do it so anyway. I hope you guys are as excited as i am. I know max. I'm very excited yeah, we're both on the same page, with pretty much everything so check his channel out.

Uh like this video. If you haven't already oh wait there, it is. There are your instructions. Okay, like share subscribe, have a great day.

I don't know why. I wrote lsc there say hello to max in the comment section and i'll see all of you guys in the next video you.

Meet Max, My First Employee! Setting Up The LegitStreetQuarters Office Merch/Website Sneak Peek! (2024)


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